This is what a scientist looks like…

The March for Science was a huge success! All over the country people stood up to say that facts and evidence matter. Unfortunately, scientists can’t afford to remain in the background anymore. We must reach out to the public, we must help them to understand, and make scientific data more accessible. Today, Chicago proved we are the science city, with more marchers than even DC had, and incredible attendance at the expo after. While I didn’t get to march due to setting up the Woodruff lab booth, I did get to talk to so many people about science! People from all ages stopped by to discuss some of the current projects in the Woodruff and Laronda labs.

People were very curious about Evatar, and about 75% of the people I discussed her with said, “oh I remember reading about that!” There was also a lot of interest in our decellularized bovine reproductive tract and the 3D printing projects in both the Woodruff and Laronda lab.

I thought is was funny that people kept asking me if I was Teresa Woodruff. I would respond, “No, but I would like to be one day!” In the mean time, I’m proud to represent the Woodruff Lab and stand up for science. I’m happy to say we gave away every last one of our pins, pens, SEX CELLS magnets, calendars, and stress eggs. It made the late nights spent designing the banners and planning the event worth it!

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