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  • Nature Communications 28-day Menstrual Cycle Hormone Control of Human Reproductive Tract Function in a Microfluidic Culture System.
  • Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics Good manufacturing practice requirements for the production of tissue vitrification and warming and recovery media for clinical research.
  • Molecular Carcinogenesis Inorganic phosphate induces cancer cell mediated angiogenesis dependent on forkhead box protein C2 (FOXC2) regulated osteopontin expression.
  • In press manuscripts from Biology of Reproduction (2) and Nature Biomedical Engineering coming soon and available upon request:
    • Distinct Transcriptional Profiles in Engineered Human Ectocervical Tissue Dependent on Menstrual Cycle Phase. Biology of Reproduction.
    • Development of Ectocervical Tissue Models with Physiologic Endocrine Signaling. Biology of Reproduction.
    • Engineering Reproduction. Nature Biomedical Engineering.


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Highly skilled at poster and slide deck development, as well as grant and patent applications, IRBs, IUCAC protocols, SOPs, and CERs. Examples available upon request only, due to proprietary information.