Why I marched, and will continue to march


Today I marched in solidarity with women all over the world who are standing up for their rights.

I did not march because my candidate didn’t win, or because I thought it would change the results of the election. I did not march due to differences in political opinions. I did not march because I’m “whining,” or “a special snowflake,” or a “crying libtard,” or any of the other oh-so-original and so eloquently stated insults that have been thrown at us (generally by the same people who lecture about how we all need to unite).

This is bigger than a difference in political opinion.

Today I marched for equal rights for women everywhere. I marched because I’m in a male dominated field, and have personally experienced sexism and misogyny, as have so many of my female colleagues.

I marched because I have dedicated my academic career to improving women’s reproductive health, a field that has historically been neglected, while politicians in DC actively fight against that.

I marched because Planned Parenthood is the solution, not the problem. If women are no longer able to access reproductive healthcare, not only will they have a much higher risk of cancer and other diseases, there will also be an INCREASE in abortions, because many women will no longer have access to contraception.
I marched because I have personally been the victim of sexual harassment and sexual assault, and it is devastating how many people were totally fine with putting a sexual predator in the White House. A man who rates women on their appearance in order to determine their worth.

I marched for all of the survivors out there who have to see men like Brock Turner get a
slap on the wrist for rape. And then have to watch all the men in their lives vote for a man who brags about sexual assault, as if that is totally normal.

I marched because it’s my constitutional right, because women’s rights are human rights, and we will not tolerate inequality anymore. The male dominated congress should not be able to decide what rights women should and should not have.

All of you who are criticizing the women all over the world who stood up today for their rights, for what they believe in, you are the ones being un-American.

Thank you to everyone who stood up for our rights today. Especially to all of the men who were out there marching beside us, who know that equality isn’t something to fear, and were willing to stand up with your fellow Americans. Thankfully, there are more of us than there are of them, and we will no longer remain silent.


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